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Pivot and High Pallet Pivot

The original Pivot safety gate has a design that uses few moving parts. The Pivot Model uses dual, counterbalanced gates interconnected with a pivoting framework to maintain a safe environment on work platforms at all times.

The High Pallet Pivot model uses dual, counterbalanced gates interconnected with multiple pivot points to maintain a safe environment at all times. It handles tall pallet loads and takes up a minimum amount of space on the mezzanine or work platform.  Available in a free-standing structure, this design can also attach to pallet racks. Because of the design, the Pivot models are ideal for process mezzanines or hostile environments.

Pivot & High Pallet Pivot Safety Gate Advantages:

  • Few moving parts
  • Requires little overhead clearance
  • High Pallet Pivot model accommodates pallets up to 80” tall
  • Available in standard and custom widths
  • Available in electro-polished stainless steel and powder-coated mild steel
  • Available in rack-supported configuration to attach to existing pallet rack in a pick module

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Pivot Product Brochure

High Pallet Pivot Brochure