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Custom Designed Industrial Safety Gates

We know that no facility is the same, and that safety gates in standard sizes or configurations may not work for your fall protection requirements. If one of our existing models will not fit your application, we custom design a solution that works and meets OSHA and ANSI standards. Our engineers love a challenge, and have been customizing specific solutions in a variety of industries for years.

Sample Custom Applications

Loading Dock Scissor Lift Safety

A customer recently approached us with an immediate need to provide a safe environment for workers operating and transferring materials on loading dock scissor lifts. This application was a step outside our traditional work securing ledges on elevated work platforms and mezzanines, but our team worked to create a solution that met both their needs and industry standards. A custom self-closing gate system was successfully designed and installed to secure a number of loading dock areas.

Production Platform with Pallet Turntable

A global chemical manufacturer approached the company to design safety gates to secure pallet drop areas on facility production platforms with limited height, depth and width. Working with a material handling distributor partner, our engineers designed custom Pivot Gates that attached directly to the existing guardrail to maximize width and used a fourteen pivot point system that maintained a permanent safe environment while taking up a minimum amount of depth on the platform. The gate system was designed to accommodate pallets that turned 360 degrees on a pallet turntable and could fit in the limited available height.

Pallet Drops in Multi-Level Pick Module

A wholesale beverage distributor contacted us to secure the pallet drop areas in a multi-level pick module. The customer didn’t want the gate to extend back into the picking aisle, which prevented use of our typical Rack Supported Roly or Pivot models, so we designed a Rack Supported dual-gate system with a custom rear-side gate that compacted into the rack-upright when opened to free the aisle space for the pickers on the platform.

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