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Rack-Supported Safety Gate Designs

Designed to integrate with pallet rack in a high bay rack pick module in material handling and warehousing facilities, Rack Supported pallet drop safety gates secure picking positions and empty pallet return lanes in multi-level systems.  Using the existing pallet rack for support, Rack Supported models take up a minimum amount of space in the rack bay and do not extend into the lift truck or working aisle.  The Roly, Tri-Side and Pivot models can be configured in rack supported designs. Counterbalanced for effortless manual operation, most Rack Supported safety gate designs can be power-operated for ground level or remote operation.

Rack Supported Advantages:

  • Secures pallet drop areas in a pick module
  • Attaches to existing pallet rack to maximize space in bay
  • Fits all brands of pallet rack
  • Ledge-side gate opens and closes flush with ledge and does not extend into lift truck aisle
  • Rear-side gate opens and closes flush with rear upright column and does not extend into picking aisle
  • Designed to secure picking positions or empty pallet or tote return bays
  • Available in standard and custom widths
  • Available in electro-polished stainless steel and powder-coated mild steel
  • Available in manual or power operation

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