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Safety Gate Netting for Product Containment

Protect people and products with one safety gate system by adding product containment netting to your mezzanine safety gate system. Use of protuct containment netting is a safe option for securing heavy bags of ingredients on a production platform or when picking from pallets in a pick module or rack supported system.

By adding netting on the ledge gate of the pallet drop safety gate, not only are employees provided fall protection on upper mezzanine edges, but products are kept from falling and striking employees or equipment below.

Advantages of netting on the ledge gate:

  • When the ledge side gate is open, the netting compacts into the system and clearing the way for pallets
  • Contains products two inches (2") or larger
  • Keeps hands out of the loading zone
  • Available in manual or power operation
  • Available in multiple colors

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