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Pallet Flow Safety Gate

The Pallet Flow Gate secures the ledges of multiple deep pallet flow lanes on a structural mezzanine or rack-supported pick module. Designed to meet the new ANSI standards, the Pallet Flow safety gate uses dual counterbalanced gates that allow pallets to be loaded into a system while creating a fall-protection barrier for employees on the platform at all times. The Pallet Flow safety gate accommodates multiple deep pallets, as well as inbound or outbound empty pallet return bays.

Pallet Flow Advantages:

  • Available in free-standing or rack-supported design
  • Custom sizes to fit any pallet flow lane or rack bay
  • Available for single lane bays, multi-lane bays and cluster-picking lanes
  • Available in powder-coated mild steel or electro-polished stainless steel


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Pallet Flow Brochure

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Pallet Flow Safety Gate