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Open Top Safety Gate

Designed to permanently secure pallet drop areas on elevated work platforms while allowing access from overhead, the Open Top Model integrates with overhead vacuum or chain hoists or areas with tall pallet loads. The ergonomically counterbalanced gates make for an easy, effortless operation. This model is available in powder-coated mild steel as well as electro-polished stainless steel and can be configured to allow material to move straight back into the mezzanine area or off to the side.

Open Top Advantages:

  • No overhead mechanics
  • Allows access overhead for hoists
  • Accommodates tall pallet loads
  • Available in a 90 degree configuration
  • Available as a Rack supported model for cluster picking applications
  • Available in custom widths and depths
  • Power operation is available

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Open Top Mezzaine Safety Gate
Safety gate to integrate with chain hoist
Safety gate for elevated platforms