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Loading Dock Safety Gate

Loading Dock safety gates provide fall protection by safeguarding loading dock operations that consist of a truck backing up to the elevated section of the facility to load and unload material. With the truck in place, the safety gate rolls across the floor and compacts into the open position; a hydraulic assist mechanism allows for easy, ergonomic operation. Once the truck drives away, the barrier is closed, safeguarding the elevated loading dock ledge.

The Loading Dock safety gate can also be configured to automatically close and lock into place as the truck drives away, forming a barrier for employees working on the dock without relying on employees to remember to replace the gate after the truck leaves.

Loading Dock Gate Advantages:

  • Provides fall protection in loading dock applications
  • Gates open with hydraulic assist mechanism for easy operation
  • Compact design takes up a minimum amount of width on the dock and fits in locations with limited height
  • Can be configured to automatically close and lock in place as the the truck drives away
  • Meets OSHA and ANSI standards
  • Available in power-coated mild or electro-polished stainless steel

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Loading Dock Safety Gate
Safety Gate for Loading Docks