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Pivot safety gates in stainless steel are good for hostile environments

Customizing Pivot Safety Gates

Pivot safety gates are one of our most popular designs. There is a good reason for that – with its simplistic design and few moving parts, it is often a good choice for fall protection and securing pallet drop areas on elevated work platforms and mezzanines in material handling and warehousing facilities. When we invented the design back in the early 1990s, it was to fit in a very specific environment - one with low available headroom in the record retention centers of Pierce Leahy Archives (the company was later purchased by Iron Mountain). The design, operating on only two pivot points, allowed the gates to fit in limited space while maintaining a safe environment for employees.

At the time years ago, the Pivot model was primarily used to secure elevated pallet drop areas with this type of limited headroom area while our original dual-gate system, the Roly® model, was used for standard pallet drop applications and custom designs.

Over time, customers began requesting the Pivot model in standard pallet drop areas because they liked the simplistic design. Then we started receiving requests for the Pivot model to fit some custom areas, including one request from Cardinal Health, which wanted to use the design but needed to accommodate taller pallet loads. So we customized the Pivot model to include additional pivot points that gate to clear taller pallets.

Another customer wanted to use the Pivot model on a mezzanine with limited depth - the custom requests continued. As we worked to engineer gates to fulfill the custom needs of our customers, we soon learned that the Pivot model could be engineered to fit many different environments. The safety gate could be engineered to accommodate very wide loads, multiple deep pallets, extra tall pallets, as well as to fit within various space limitations.

The Pivot model’s popularity also grew because with few moving parts, it could be installed in and withstand hostile environments. In additional to powder-coated mild steel, we can make the unit entirely in stainless or galvanized, in square tubing or with structural steel.

Customizing safety gates to fit within your specific environment is our specialty. Pivot safety gates are one of our designs that really lends itself to customization. We never thought when we invented the Pivot model that it would be one of our more versatile gates, and we send a huge thank you to our customers who have always inspired us to create new solutions. If you have an area that needs fall protection, but find that a standard size really will not work, let us know and we can work to create something that works for your environment.